The Proof Of The Pudding – A Content Marketer’s Rant

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  • Prasad Ajinkya

    Hey Sanjeev,

    This “Proof of Concept” is something that is done in IT all the time. Having said that, at a mental level, what this represents, is doubt.

    Can this (in your article’s case, Content Marketing) be done and can it generate the business outcomes that are needed?

    As a service provider, I take POCs on and deliver conviction (to the prospect) in that engagement to the prospect. At one time when we ran a full service digital agency, we used to do POCs all over the place. Needless to say, there is some value erosion there. Over a period of time, we realized that doing POCs is fruitful for services where we were completely comfortable in delivering the business outcomes.

    That means, there are services where even we are learning and have not really scaled up its service delivery (hence the aversion for POCs on those areas), and there are services where things run smoothly and can be perfect for POCs. I look towards IT again for putting a name to this – thats the Capability Maturity Model Framework.

    tl;dr – Do POCs in areas where your Capability is extremely mature, and don’t do POCs where its not.

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