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Midas Touch

About Midas Touch

We help B2B companies make a digital impact. We do this by leveraging the power of content, social media, and other channels.


To us, making a digital impact means:

  • More people from your target customers will know about you, your skills 
  • You will be perceived as experts or thought-leaders
  • Your target customers will respond more warmly to your sales outreach efforts

Here is a glimpse of some of our success stories. We

  • Helped a web development company achieve an 8X increase in targeted traffic from LinkedIn for a specific campaign.
  • Helped a test automation product company deeply engage with a tightly defined target audience within LinkedIn. The ongoing discussion received worldwide attention and generated a popular crowdsourced eBook on Functional Test Automation.
  • Helped a Malaysian HealthTech company capture the high ground for a promising technology area through a concerted digital strategy.  
  • Helped a company with a very niche signage solution offering become visible, generate warmer connections, and drive incoming offline enquiries.

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