Why us

When there are so many digital marketing agencies out there, why should you choose Midas Touch?

Exclusively Focused on B2B

The B2B  sales cycle is more complex, with multiple decision makers and influencers, each with their own evaluation criteria. We understand that the B2B content and social media should resonate with all these decision makers.

Specialists in aligning marketing and business goals

While branding and engagement are important values in themselves, the true test is how the social media strategy aligns with the sales strategy to help you achieve your business goals. We have helped several B2B organizations achieve just this!

Able to translate even the most complex products and technologies into simple stories

Millions of content pieces are written every day. We know how to make your content outstanding as well as help it stand out.

Expertise in B2B specific platforms - LinkedIn, Webinar, Podcasts

The most obvious social networks may not be the best suited for your needs. You need to use the right platform for the right purpose and for connecting with the right audience. We know just how much to push each B2B social platform.

Devise content and social strategies complementary to your sales effort

Your social campaigns need to feed into your sales efforts – the messaging should be consistent, the target segments aligned, and strategies synergistic. Our social and content efforts have powered the sales engines of many of our B2B clients.