100+ AI writing tools in the market, 20+ generative AI studies being published every day, new use-cases being taught every hour. But what’s right for your B2B business? How relevant are all these tools for your workflows? Or is it all hat, no cattle? Our in-depth knowledge base brings clarity to B2B technology companies exploring AI writing tools like ChatGPT for content writing. Delve into our extensive research as we reveal the true worth of AI-powered writing, burst the myths surrounding it, and assess its role in the B2B content marketing workflow. This is AI – Beyond the Hype! by Midas Touch Consultants — our latest thinking on how B2B technology companies can most effectively traverse the multi-faceted generative AI ecosystem and make the right marketing choices going forward. Please note that this is an evolving, living space. We will keep adding more blogs and updating existing content as we dig deeper into the viability of AI for B2B tech content writing and uncover new use-cases.