Online Marketing for B2B

The biggest problem today with B2B focused businesses is access to decision makers – emails are unanswered and phone calls die in the Voice Mail Box. B2B focused businesses that have come out of this rut have done so by leveraging the power of online marketing and the good news is you can too!

Here’s a session where all will be made clear. India’s “B2B Social Media Agency” of the year, Midas Touch, and “Lead Generating Platform for Small Business “, SME Joinup present a ½ day event designed to give you an overview of how you can make Online Marketing work for your Business and equip you to take the right decisions.

Women’s Day Event at VIT

Radha Giri, CEO of Midas Touch, was invited to speak to te students on the eve of Women’s Day Celebrations

WDC Sundowner 5.0

Midas Touch at WDC Sundowner 5.0

Midas Touch founders Radha Giri and Sanjeev Nambudiri were invited to speak on B2B sales and marketing at the WDC Sundowner 5.0 event. They shared practical tips on how companies can leverage the new age medium of Content Marketing and Social Media to get in front of the right target audience, be perceived as experts/ thought leaders, and increase targeted traffic to their website.

Using Social Media for Personal Brand Building

Studies show that we consume more than 34GB of data and information every single day! When so much information is being published and consumed everyday around the world, have you wondered how you can create mark for yourself via personal branding? Have you wondered how your organization can make a mark in this super crowded world?

You are invited to a conference where you can get answers to your questions on personal branding and get tips from experts who have been walking the talk. Join us for an evening that will refresh your energy cells, recharge your social media presence and make new friends in the industry and with like minded people.

Radha Giri, CEO of Midas Touch, was invited as the keynote speaker for this event.

Startup Saturday Pune – Social Media

Startup Saturday Pune organized an event on ‘Social Media’.

Radha Giri, CEO of Midas Touch, helped the participants understand the need of a Social Media Strategy, based on which the tools & approach is decided. This is followed by execution of this strategy. The session offered many examples like Dell, Southwest Airlines, Marriot that have near-perfected their Social Media impact using innovative & untried methods.