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Talent Pack – Phase 1

This is for you if you're concerned about building a strong employer brand in a highly competitive market.

Do you believe that the right talent will join your company because of

The technologies you work with

The quality of work you do

Your work culture

The growth prospects available to ambitious and capable talent

The opportunities you provide to work closely with acknowledged tech experts

BUT…. You are not sure how to get this message out.
Well, there is a solution.
In 2 months only, lay the foundation to become visible to the right talent by creating a strong employer brand (with a little help from India’s Best B2B Agency).
Your 2-month Action Plan



How many?


To tell your story and share the values that will resonate with just the right people


LinkedIn status updates

To give your senior leadership a voice to inspire future talent


Analysis of Glassdoor Reviews

To get insights that you can work on or address the root causes

One Time

Recruiter outreach message

To make the right first impression when your recruiters reach out to the potential talent through social channels

One Time

Job Description Refresh

To catch the attention of the right people with relevant and differentiated messaging

5 Jobs

Career Page Refresh

To create a location on the web that future talent can refer to and get the assurance they are looking for

One Time

LinkedIn Profile Refresh

To help your interviewers deliver the right impression when future talent connects with them on LinkedIn

For 3 Individuals

LinkedIn Company Page

To establish a professional presence on LinkedIn that helps you attract and engage the right talent

20-24 posts

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for contracts signed before Oct 30, 2021.
  • The price is INR 1,17,000 (exclusive of taxes)
  • The contract period is 2 months only
  • 50% of the payment will be due within first 10 days of the contract and 50% at the end of the second month



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